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Let Onyx Design and install your Solar System so you can Start Saving on your Energy Bills.

Install Solar Panels and Save Money on Energy Costs

Installing solar panels with Onyx can help save thousands of dollars a year on your homes energy bills. Solar energy is also great for the environment and can help minimize your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on the burning of fossil fuels. Access your own source of clean energy with our solar panel installation service. Your pocket book will thank you in the end.

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Grid Tied Solar Systems

What is a grid tie system? A grid tie system connects your solar array directly to the hydro connection in your home. It all starts with the sun. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert the energy from DC to AC current through microinverters or string inverters. That conversion is what allows you to safely feed energy into the grid to create an energy offset or net meter.

One of our solar experts will set the system up to allow for real time access and smart device monitoring to show your energy savings.

Off Grid Solar Systems

What is an off grid system? An off grid system incorporates a few different very complex and very critical systems. A basic off grid system consists of batteries, charge controllers, an inverter, solar panels and in some cases a generator. The solar array converts the sun’s energy into DC current, the DC current is sent to a charge controller, which charges your batteries and also gets sent to an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current into AC usable household electricity. In peak sunshine hours, you will not be using any battery power, however in the winter time when there’s not alot of sun, you may end up using some of that battery power to keep your home running. An option of adding in a small generator is desirable for some people. This is a last resort to either help charge the batteries when there is no sunlight, or to provide a fail safe backup system.

Hybrid Solar Systems

What is a hybrid solar system? To think of a hybrid system, think of a solar array and the hydro grid, fighting for who is stronger at the very moment, but with backup for when the grid goes down. Your solar array is still connected to the grid, but the array is also keeping batteries charged for backup, as well as offsetting energy being consumed by the house.

There is also something called “self consumption”, where if enough solar energy is being produced, the inverter senses heavy solar production and cuts off the grid until it is needed again, therefore running your house completely on the suns energy.

Achieve new heights in energy savings by going Solar.

We are very fortunate to live in the Okanagan that benefits from an average of 1950 hours per year of sun. That combined with the high price of electricity are all factors that go into the decision to go solar.

Some Recent Solar Installations

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